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Authors based in Colorado (from what we can tell)



Linda Ashman

Mary Bartek, Centennial

Julie Dannenberg, Denver

Dorothy Donahue, Boulder

Michael Hague, Colorado Springs

Joy Hakim, Englewood

Regina Hanson, Boulder

Donna M. Jackson

Steve Jenkins, Boulder

Vickie Krudwig, Denver

Mark Ludy, Windsor

Kerry Lee MacLean, Boulder

Laura Marshall

Millie Miller, Boulder

Nancy Libbey Mills, Brighton

Ann Whitehead Nagda, Boulder

Nancy Oswald, Cotopaxi

Robin Page, Boulder

Marjorie Blain Parker, Denver

Phyllis J. Perry, Boulder

J. Emerita Romero-Anderson, San Luis Valley

Linda Saport, Boulder

Pattie Schnetzler, Silt

Ouida Sebestyen, also used to be in Boulder, not sure if she's still there

Jill Sheeley, Aspen

Janet Stevens, Boulder

Barbara Steiner (used to be in Boulder, not sure if she's still there)

Caroline Stutson, Littleton

Harriet Peck Taylor, Boulder

Mildred D. Taylor, Boulder

Carolyn White, Grand Junction





Paolo Bacigalupi, Western Slope 

T. A. Barron, Boulder

Hilari Bell, Denver

Terri Clark , Denver

Wick Downing, Denver

Amy Efaw, Denver

Alane Ferguson, Colorado Springs

Victoria Hanley, Loveland

Tim Hillmer, Boulder

Todd Mitchell, Fort Collins

Roz Monette, Denver

Lauren Myracle, Ft Collins

K. A. Nuzum

Julie Ann Peters, Lakewood

Laura Resau, Ft. Collins

Lynda Sandoval, Denver (teen and adult author)

Denise Vega, Denver




Ellen Orleans, Boulder

Diane Mott Davidson,

John Dunning, Denver

Linda Hogan, Boulder

R. Gary Raham, Wellington

Stephen White, Boulder

Connie Willis, Greeley




Linda White, Fort Collins

Suzanna Kita, Bailey




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Colorado Authors (CCIRA)


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